Mixtape: Machine Gun Kelly – Laced Up

This guy goes…

1. Salute (Prod by Lil Red)
2. Chip Off the Block (Prod by Lady Trauma)
3. End of the Road ft. Mat Musto (Prod by MGK/Slim Gudz/Benofficial/Mat Musto)
4. I Know ft. Ray Jr. (Prod by JP/Benofficial)
5. Alice in Wonderland (Prod by Slim Gudz)
6. Stereo ft. Alex Kickdrum (Prod by The KickDrums)
7. Fantasy ft. Aaron Lafette (Prod by All Day Recess/Rami Beatz/Benofficial)
8. Make It ft. Sean McGee (Prod by GB Hitz/Benofficial)
9. Midwest Side (Prod by Rami Beatz, Julio, DezBeat)
10. All Alone ft. Collin Hilton (Prod by JNew)
11. Been Through It All ft. Cheri Dennis (Prod by D-Boyy/Benofficial)
12. Lead You On (Prod by All Day Recess)
13. What it Seems ft. Dubo (Prod by Slim Gudz)
14. Cleveland ft. Dubo (Prod by GB Hitz)
15. Victory Music ft. Britni Elise (Prod by J-Fiya, AFProduction /Benofficial/Slim Gudz)
16. The Return (Prod by Nolsen Sivad)


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